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Hey there Yoisho fam! Let us preface with, perfection doesn’t exist. We know that. However, there is a way of preparing your Yoisho matcha that comes extremely close! And we’re here to spill the tea.

First things first, it’s very important to understand that matcha is just like us… the tea needs to be in a good environment to ‘bloom’. For matcha this means multiple things.
The first step is: using the right tools. Did you know that whenever matcha powder comes in contact with silverware, it has the potential of altered taste and color due to the chemical reactions. That’s why it’s recommended to use a bamboo spoon to scoop up the matcha for example.

Another interesting and very important fact to consider when preparing matcha is the temperature of water you use when you whisk it. Did you know that it’s one of the most crucial steps when it comes to ensuring a smooth and frothy texture to unlock the full flavor potential? The most recommended temperature for whisking the tea is around 75-80°C max! The reason being that this temperature brings out the delicate flavors and aroma, while still preserving the vibrant green color. Whenever you whisk matcha at a temperature that’s too high, the delicate tea leaves might scorch which will result in a bitter taste. On the other hand, when you whisk at a temperature that’s too low, the matcha powder might not dissolve completely, leading to a gritty texture and uneven distribution of flavor.

Now you have these two important steps covered, you can let your spirit roam free and do whatever you want with your matcha! Drink it on its own with some water, make an iced matcha latte, add some fruits or make a matcha mélange. It’s all up to you. We at Yoisho love to embrace everybody’s sense of taste when it comes to matcha, and would love to hear down below what your perfect matcha moment looks and tastes like!

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