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Our journey

How it al started.... Cecile and Merel met each other over matcha and became best friends. Our matcha dates were our time to catch up and get to know each other even better. We were into matcha, but we didn't know about the different qualities, the rituals and why people choose matcha over coffee. We are both not a big coffee fan but like to take the moment to catch up and explore new places to have the 'coffee' moment. We both feel that after our cup of coffee, we rather feel anxious and not per se higher in energy. That's when we started to look into the different kinds of matcha, different kind of qualities and also the origin. We wanted to create something that will not only help people fall in love with matcha and the taste of it, but also something that is ethically produced in Japan.

That is were Yoisho was born, a high quality, ceremonial grade matcha from Japan. We choose the highest grade and wanted the product to be well made, in the traditional way. Our matcha has a soft taste and has no bitter after taste or what so ever. A matcha you can drink every day, to make you feel good, energized and productive.

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