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Hey there Yoisho fam! You might have noticed the undeniable surge in the popularity of matcha in the Western world. This vibrant green tea powder, once a well-kept secret of Japanese tea ceremonies, has now become a staple in cafes, kitchens, and wellness routines across Europe and North America. But how many of you remember when you tried your first cup? And do you recall the times when matcha wasn't readily available in every café you visited, and frankly, still isn't sometimes? Have you noticed the matcha madness sweeping across the Western world? It's like the green revolution we never knew we needed.

The journey of matcha's rise to popularity in the West can be traced back to the early 2000s, when the interest in health and wellness trends started to grow. More people became conscious of their dietary choices and favored natural remedies for various physical, but also mental problems. This natural way of healing and eliminating problems is something that we still see today. There are countless mindful and health movements that have occurred over the past few years, that many of us may have taken part in. And as a superfood with a laundry list of health benefits, matcha fits extremely well into many health-focused mindsets across the world.

Also, the unique preparation method of matcha, which involves grinding whole green tea leaves into a fine powder, is what makes a big difference. Nowadays, consumers are drawn more to artisanal, handcrafted, and cultural products, making matcha a good example. Not only does matcha have an extremely intricate cultural identity, it’s also made and prepared beautifully. Instead of steeping the green tea leaves like we’re used to, matcha aims to preserve the integrity of the tea leaves by grinding them between granite stone ground, resulting in a more concentrated, potent, and benefit-packed beverage. Moreover, matcha has tapped into the growing demand for sustainable and ethically sourced products, which has rightfully become a megatrend.


The rise of social media during the last two decades has also played a huge role in amplifying the matcha craze. Intricate latte art, green hue and all types of matcha-recipes have taken the internet by storm and once again, the pairing of the aesthetics with its health benefits and not to forget delicious taste made for a recipe of success. As influencers and health-conscious celebrities recommended matcha as a must-have ingredient in their daily routines, its status as a trendy superfood was solidified.


All in all, the rise of matcha in the Western world is due to a combination of factors including nutrition, culture, social media, and sustainability, and we’re all too happy about it! Matcha continues to evolve from a niche ingredient to a mainstream sample, and we at Yoisho love to take you on this ride! So, whether you're sipping a frothy matcha latte or indulging in a decadent matcha-infused treat, you're partaking in a centuries-old tradition that has found new life in the bustling streets of the West. Cheers to that!

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