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Ceremonial matcha 30 grams

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Ceremonial matcha 30 grams

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Our matcha

Enjoy the finest ceremonial grade matcha for your ultimate matcha moment. Hand-picked directly from a Kagoshima farm during the first flush, this matcha transports you to the heart of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony right from the comfort of your own home.

According to your taste, it lasts for 20-30 servings: an ideal amount for the occasional matcha lover.

The benefits

Besides being extremely tasty, matcha is also widely known for its various health benefits. 

- Anti-inflammatory antioxidants
- Boostst brain function
- Enhances metabolism
- Detoxifies (chlorophyll)
- Promotes relaxation (the combination of L-theanine and caffeine)
- Lowers cholesterol 
- Caffeine without the jittery feeling

Why yoisho?

We don’t like to spill tea, but there are a lot of imposters in the matcha-game… To ensure the promised health benefits matcha offers, it’s important to make sure you’re consuming high quality, authentic matcha. As we like to say, good matcha should not be bitter

At Yoisho, we prioritize quality, sustainability, and transparency. We sell ceremonial grade matcha, harvested during the first flush from Kagoshima, Japan. Due to a long history of volcanic activity, a large part of Kagoshima’s land has been covered in ‘shirasu’, also known as volcanic ash. This makes the soil exceptionally rich in minerals. In combination with abundant rainfall, the Kagoshima prefecture is one of the best bases of green tea harvesting.

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